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Erectile Dysfunction – Causes and Treatment to Eliminate in 5 Weeks

There is a disease that does not distinguish nationality, social class, cultural and ethnic; a large number of men are affected by erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence. This disorder affects the sexual performance of the person and they cannot be able to maintain an erection long enough to have sex.

Although it is a topic that many men fear, the information that is given publicly is very little, due that even in today’s society it is still a secret subject. It is important to understand that this problem may be due to physical or mental conflicts that affect the duration of the erection.

Then we will describe the aspects and characteristics of the disease from its possible origins, to the different solutions that can be found to combat impotence.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that makes it impossible for man to get an erection or in case they make it, they cannot maintain it for a period of time necessary to perform the sexual act.
It can be diagnosed if several events of this type have occurred in a period of 6 months.

It is very common that impotence usually occurs more frequently in men who have crossed the barrier of 40 years, although this is not a law, since there are young people with erectile dysfunction, caused by the excessive use of drugs and alcohol, although it is usually generated by different physical issues that must be evaluated, or psychological disorders that make erection impossible.

Erectile Dysfunction

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

Clearly the most notorious symptom of the disease itself, is the inability to get an erection or the fact of not being able to maintain one, however, there are other features that are common in a person with the disorder.

Problems of anxiety and constant frustration in their personal and work environment.

In case of getting to get an erection, ejaculation is quite precocious. Although this is in lesser cases, since the fact of not being able to maintain it affects the generation of semen.

Low self-esteem and evident rejection behavior in any situation that puts the individual in a sexual context.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

As mentioned above, this disorder can be caused mainly by physical illnesses or by certain important psychological complexes, which causes that the man becomes impotent when it was not a normal condition before.

Among the most common causes are:

Chronic diseases

This type of diseases affect some organ of the body and place the person in a condition of constant problems, not only of sexual dysfunction, but also in general health among the most common are:

  • Diabetes: is one of the diseases with the highest index of impotence, the decompensation that occurs in the body increases the percentages of risk of developing dysfunction up to 30% more likely.

A good control of diabetes decreases the risk and allows levels of glucose to normalize, however, both conditions can be treated independently.

  • Hypertension: people who suffer from this problem in the control of blood pressure show a clear tendency to develop problems within sexuality, the best way to prevent the development of impotence is to follow letter by letter the pharmacological indications, perform exercises, and maintain an accurate stress check.
  • Heart problems: One of the most complicated scenarios in general when people are elder or when they were born with heart issues. Since having suffered heart attacks or suffering from atherosclerosis makes the blood flow not fluid in the penis.

In addition, the fact of having suffered an attack has psychological connotations, for which the person could be internally inhibited by being afraid of an alteration during the sexual act.

  • Prostatic surgeries: after such a delicate surgery, a percentage of men are affected by erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to understand that the method used for surgery is partly the risk trigger.

Psychological illnesses

Thoughts are such a powerful weapon that they generate a great impact on our body, even changing many of our natural responses, among psychological illnesses we have:

  1. Psychological problems: Recent studies have proven that up to 20% of cases of dysfunction are caused by psychological problems, such as a traumatic life of religious repression, or sexual encounters that caused some trauma in the person and suppress the sexual desire.
  2. Depression: Sexual intercourse is linked to satisfaction and pleasure, when people are in a depressed state tend to maintain a very low self-esteem and an internal prohibition that they are not worthy of anything, so in some cases it has a negative impact in sexual activity.
  3. Disorders: there are different common disorders that can prevent erection. Having a high level of anxiety or stress is one of the most common disorders and can have more influence on the mind; the body feels exhausted to function properly.


The excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco are one of the most repeated causes in elderly patients who have impotence, since these alters the hormonal production of the person, the same can happen with drugs whose side effects could have negative incidences in the body.

erectile dysfunction cure

What methods are there to combat erectile dysfunction?

There are different types of treatments to solve erectile dysfunction, although the main recommendation is to go to the doctor and to consult specialists in the subject, to identify what is the cause of the problem and put into practice the most viable option.

Among the most common methods we have:


Oral medications can combat dysfunction; its function is to relax the muscles of the lower area, while there is evidence of increased blood flow. It is one of the safest methods and is approved by the medical community for its good results.


In those cases where the pills do not generate the desired effect, the doctor usually goes to transmit the hormones directly by an injection in the urethra, although at first it seems somewhat difficult it is possible for the patient to do it on their own.


With a lower percentage of effectiveness than injections, these suppositories are inserted very carefully in the same area of the urethra, it is important to maintain control of this before performing any sexual activity.


One of the few unorthodox methods that are usually effective is to pump the penis so that there is an elevation in the blood flow and thus be able to quickly reach the erection.


When the above methods do not work or the patient’s situation is very serious, implants are usually used in the penis to generate an erection, there are implants that are placed in the penis and filled through hydraulic pumps.

On the other hand are the so-called malleable, which are inserted into the penis and are handled autonomously and manually.

erectile dysfunction treatment

How to prevent erectile dysfunction?

Although impotence has different causes, there are certain precautions that can be taken daily to decrease the probability of suffering from the dysfunction and the best recommendation is always to maintain a healthy life.

Some suggestions to prevent are:

  • No smoking: smoking causes circulation problems in the blood, since it affects the muscle cells which cannot dilate due to the components of tobacco; this practice is an enhancer for the disease.
  • Control alcohol consumption: with higher risks than those caused by smoking, alcohol consumption generates a discrepancy between levels of excitement and rigidity in the erection of the penis, in more serious areas can cause an irreversible erectile dysfunction.
  • Exercise: maintaining an exercise routine is very beneficial itself, but it helps prevent diseases such as sedentary lifestyle and diabetes and obesity, these diseases are the ones that are most related to the dysfunction.
  • Visit the psychologist: in cases of having many problems such as anxiety, stress and feeling some degree of discouragement and sadness out of normal standards, visit the psychologist periodically, in order to avoid the possible development of disorders that affect sexual life.
  • Sleep: meet a sleep schedule that allows you to replenish the energy to face a new day, helps the body to relax and stay functional, and also prevents the development of diseases caused by fatigue.
  • Never self-medicate: One of the most common mistakes is to try to solve the problem without advice, so they buy medicines that could make the impotence more serious, in addition to having other side effects when linking with another treatment if you suffer from another disease.